Woke or Not? By Nina Thom

  • Narrated by: Deidra O’ree
  • Length: 4 hrs and 43 mins
  • Release date: 04-12-24

Woke or Not? By Nina Thom AudioBook summary

What does woke mean? Learn about wokeness, its origin, and why it has become controversial.

You may have heard this hotly debated buzzword. Perhaps you feel sidelined in conversations about social justice issues and are surprised by how quickly its meaning has changed from a compliment to a slur.

This is not a critical race theory book or a cancel culture guide, but it explains these highly nuanced concepts. In today’s amplified “fake news” environment, we need a straightforward and unbiased social justice book for adults.

Navigate woke culture and understand its terminology without a political or social science degree.

Nina Thom has written this well-researched, anti-racist book for adults to help you distinguish between “genuine” and “performative activism.” This is the ultimate wokeness book that explains the societal impacts on politics, education, sports, and the arts.



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