Whole Medicine By Rebecca Martinez

  • Narrated by: Henriette Zoutomou
  • Length: 11 hrs and 8 mins
  • Release date: 01-16-24

Whole Medicine By Rebecca Martinez AudioBook summary

A comprehensive framework for ethical psychedelic medicine—a guide for therapists, trip sitters, and anyone concerned about upholding boundaries and safety in the entheogen and plant medicine community

Psychedelic advisor Rebecca Martinez lays out the groundwork for an ethical approach to 21st-century psychedelic therapy. Applying a social-justice lens to entheogenic practice, Martinez provides practical guidance for psychedelic sitters, advocates, explorers, and those practicing (or learning to practice) licensed psychedelic therapy.

As psychedelics become a more accessible pathway to healing, how do practitioners—and seekers—navigate complex issues in a wide range of settings? Here, you’ll learn skills like:

  • Understanding consent and boundaries
  • Building safe and ethical psychedelic experiences
  • How to integrate the cultural and historical contexts of plant medicines
  • Considering the psychological risks and benefits of psychedelic therapy
  • How to apply a social-justice lens to entheogenic healing

Martinez also discusses how, in many corners of the psychedelic community, an overemphasis on positivity can overwhelm attempts to challenge abuses of power; dismantle internalized hierarchies; and acknowledge and integrate our own flaws and traumas.



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