What Do Bees Think About? By Mathieu Lihoreau

  • Narrated by: Elliot Fitzpatrick
  • Length: 6 hrs and 6 mins
  • Release date: 05-14-24

What Do Bees Think About? By Mathieu Lihoreau AudioBook summary

Explore the mind of a bee and learn what drives its behavior.

Have you ever observed a bee up close and wondered what was going on inside its head? Like ours, insects’ brains take up most of the space in their heads, but their brains are smaller than a grain of rice, only 0.0002% as large as ours. But what purpose does the insect brain serve, and how does that drive their creativity, morality, and emotions?

Bees in particular exhibit unexpected and fascinating cognitive skills. In What Do Bees Think About?, animal cognition researcher Mathieu Lihoreau examines a century of research into insect evolution and behavior. He explains recent scientific discoveries, recounts researchers’ anecdotes, and reflects on the cognition of these fascinating creatures. Lihoreau’s and other scientists’ research on insects reinforces the importance of protecting and preserving insects such as bees: after all, our survival on the planet is deeply dependent on theirs.



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