Stop Doing Shit You Don’t Want to Do By Bob Beare, PhD

Duration: 2H 47min

Stop Doing Shit You Don’t Want to Do By Bob Beare, PhD AudioBook Summary

Do you want to let go of what’s not working – and claim your authentic life?

“Dr. Bob’s book offers the practical tools to gain awareness of the ways we unconsciously remain trapped in cycles of trauma and dependency.” — Dr. Nicole LePera, #1 NY Times Best-selling author of How to Do the Work and How to Meet Yourself

Trauma is running the show and most of us don’t think we have it. We label it “stuck”, “stress”, “depression”, and “anxiety.” The solutions are simple but not easy. Stop Doing Sh*t You Don’t Want to Do unpacks:

1. The many forms of trauma – mild and severe, 2. The many ways we medicate our pain. 3. The importance of finding support. 4. How to do the deep inner work. 5. How to live with purpose. 6. How to live with passion.

Dr. Bob Beare’s book is a framework and a guide to emotional freedom. It provides powerful insights on how to go beyond therapy and create a meaningful and purposeful life — a reminder that, with support, we can transcend the patterns that keep us stuck!


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