Putin’s Wars and NATO’s Flaws By Paul Moorcraft

  • Narrated by: Mike Cooper
  • Length: 6 hrs and 7 mins
  • Release date: 03-26-24

Putin’s Wars and NATO’s Flaws By Paul Moorcraft AudioBook summary

This book explores why there is a major war again in Europe. Putin’s actions need to be understood if not forgiven. With the Ukraine conflict seen as a proxy war of NATO versus Russia, how likely is the fighting to spread?

The author, a highly respected journalist and political commentator, explains why Russia invaded a sovereign neighbor. To what extent did NATO’s expansion to Russia’s borders in the aftermath of the Cold War provoke Putin? Did the West’s recent humiliating defeats in the Middle East and South Asia encourage Putin to exploit what he saw as its decadent strategic weakness and lack of resolve? What were the reasons for Russia’s savage behavior in Ukraine? How might the Ukraine war end and what will the post-bellum world look like?

The war in Ukraine has had worldwide impact with cost of living, food and energy crises, and raised the risk of nuclear Armageddon by accident or intent. It examines the complex military and political issues in layman’s language while the story is told as a compelling historical narrative.



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