Power Over Pornography By Brian Brandenburg

  • Narrated by: Brian Brandenburg
  • Length: 4 hrs and 30 mins
  • Release date: 01-20-17

Power Over Pornography AudioBook Summary

Jason, like many people, is an addict. His addiction doesn’t center on any drug or alcohol. He’s a pornography and masturbation addict, and the insidious nature of his addiction erodes his self-worth, his relationships, and his career.

Jason meets David at a 12-step meeting, where David offers him a new approach to treating pornography addiction. Through a series of meetings, David guides Jason as he successfully overcomes his addiction, a process supported by glimpses into Jason’s family and how his relationships improve as pornography loses its hold on his life.

Jason’s story is fictional. The treatment plan he follows is very real. Designed by author and pornography addiction treatment expert Brian Brandenburg, the strategies found in Power over Pornography are praised by those who, having taken part in Brandenburg’s program, now pursue lives free of pornographic viewing.

Brandenburg’s innovative treatment plan comes at a crucial moment in the fight against pornography and masturbation addiction. A generation of Internet-savvy children has grown up with access to pornography, quite literally, at their keyboard-typing fingertips. The images and videos they view online are far more graphic than their parents can imagine.

Now, the children of this generation have become young adults, with many addicted to the instant gratification of pornography. Like Jason, most pornography and masturbation addicts are male, but women are also afflicted. Maintaining normal, healthy relationships becomes almost impossible while in the grip of pornography. Anxiety and guilt over your actions worsen into clinical depression and self-loathing. Work productivity suffers, and an addict with on-the-job access to the Internet is always a few mouse clicks away from job termination and scandal.

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