Pierced By Evangeline Anderson

  • Narrated by: William Martin
  • Series: Brides of the Kindred, Book 28
  • Length: 9 hrs and 58 mins
  • Release date: 08-16-23

Pierced By Evangeline Anderson AudioBook summary

Torin is a trained assassin. He has never met a female who’s his match…until he is paired with Special Agent Sky’lar on Portex Three. Together the two of them must track a serial killer through space, but in the process someone is going to get Pierced….

Special Agent Sky’lar is a rare Pitch-Blood Kindred female. She has lived most of her life on Portex Three and never even seen one of her own kind since her mother died when she was young. Imagine her surprise when she walks into work at the Peace Keeper Station and is informed by her Captain that she has a new partner. Not only that, but her partner is a Kindred warrior and a male. Since females are dominant on Portex Three, this is a new and unwelcome development for Sky. How can a male possibly make a good partner?

Commander Torin works for the Kindred Elite Espionage group—he’s been trained as a spy and an assassin but right now he’s tracking a killer. A mysterious entity has been murdering Kindred Ambassadors and the rulers of planets where females are in charge. Zetta Prime and Yonnie Six have already been hit and Portex Three is third on the killer’s list. Torin knows that Sky doesn’t like working with him but he doesn’t give a damn—he’s willing to do whatever it takes to catch the murderer, even if it means baring parts of his soul that he’s kept secret, even from himself.

Now the killer is on the loose and instead of another Ambassador, Sky is in his sights. Will Torin be able to stop him before he kills again? And will Sky survive the killer’s murderous intentions? You’ll have to listen to this Enemies to Lovers, He Falls First, Warrior Heroine, HEA novel, Pierced, to find out!



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