Nutrivore By Dr Sarah Ballantyne

  • Narrated by: Dr Sarah Ballantyne
  • Length: 8 hrs and 12 mins
  • Release date: 05-14-24

Nutrivore By Dr Sarah Ballantyne AudioBook summary

Ditch diet culture and get the most nutrients from your food with the no-guilt, personalized, and exciting new science that will change how you think about food and nourishment, from New York Times bestselling author Dr. Sarah Ballantyne.

Almost all of us are missing essential vitamins and minerals from our diets that leave us feeling unwell and unable to achieve our health goals—even those of us who take our daily multi, buy organic produce, or have tried to kick-start our health with different dietary habits. Now, bestselling author Dr. Sarah Ballantyne throws all of that out the window in favor of a simple yet radical idea: choose foods to meet our nutritional needs. Unlock health and vitality with Nutrivore, a transformative guide that navigates the world of nutrition, dispels diet myths, and empowers you to embrace a nutrient-focused lifestyle tailored to your unique needs.

Nutrivore is a paradigm shifting, comprehensive approach to nutrition that includes:

-An easy-to-follow plan for getting the full spectrum of nutrients we all need to reach our health goals, focusing on twelve foundational food families.

-Definitive science that identifies foods rich in the nutrients that treat common symptoms and ailments.

-Comprehensive lists of foods and pain points that you can use to craft your own unique eating plan, such as eating magnesium-rich leafy greens to help with headaches, potassium-packed sweet potatoes to help lower blood pressure, or molasses loaded with calcium to relieve PMS.


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