Million-Dollar Habits By Rachel Rodgers

  • Narrated by: Rachel Rodgers
  • Length: 2 hrs and 3 mins
  • Release date: 03-07-24

Million-Dollar Habits By Rachel Rodgers AudioBook summary

Rachel Rodgers, personal finance expert and author of the best-selling We Should All Be Millionaires, delivers yet again in her three-part Audible Originals series. In Million Dollar Habits, Rodgers puts forward the habits you would do well to adopt in order to generate wealth. And before she gets to those habits, she first encourages you to raise your financial goals. Rodgers advocates aiming for generational wealth—the kind of wealth that changes not just your life but your children’s lives and their childrens’ lives as well. First, she expands your view of what to aim for. Then she takes you through the habits that will see you through to that higher goal.

Rachel Rodgers’ Million Dollar Habits will get you in shape to make opportunities to wealth and seize all that come your way.

To give you a taste of Rodgers’ program to wealth, here are her Daily 7—the seven steps that you should do each day to reach your wealth goals:

  • Delegate one task on your to-do list to someone else.
  • Move your body.
  • Connect with your squad.
  • Do one money-generating activity.
  • Think million-dollar thoughts.
  • Look at your money.
  • Set or enforce a boundary.

Intrigued? Million Dollar Habits is the ultimate guide to getting in shape mentally, physically, and financially to create generational wealth, regardless of your current financial status. So do yourself a favor and listen in. And then head back to her Plan Your Year Like a Millionaire and Six-Figure Side Hustle. Along with Million Dollar Habits, this is the trifecta that will see your through. What’s more, Rodgers’ empowering series provides a road map to financial prosperity for all who want to embrace the challenge, particularly those from communities historically excluded from wealth.


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