Inside the Nazi Ring By H.M. Denham

  • Narrated by: Dennis Kleinman
  • Length: 5 hrs
  • Release date: 03-22-22

Inside the Nazi Ring AudioBook Summary

On the morning of April 9, 1940, German forces occupied Denmark and invaded Norway, leaving Sweden as the only neutral country in Scandinavia.

It was to this country, surrounded by Axis forces, that Captain H. M. Denham was posted as Naval Attaché, arriving after evading capture by the Nazi Wehrmacht in the summer of 1940.

Over the course of the next five years Captain Denham used his position to covertly provide valuable intelligence to the British military, such as the Bismarck‘s attempt to break into the Atlantic Ocean and raid Allied shipping. Thanks to his information, the terrifying battleship was sunk just eight days later.

The Swedish were suspicious of Denham, resulting in the Swedish Secret Police even bugging his flat, yet he remained free and continued to acquire and pass on information throughout the war.


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