In Search of the Old Ones By Anthony D. Fredericks

  • Narrated by: Donald Corren
  • Length: 7 hrs and 31 mins
  • Release date: 12-12-23

In Search of the Old Ones By Anthony D. Fredericks AudioBook summary

Ancient trees stand as sentinels against all odds while Earth and its people have changed around them. Award-winning author Anthony D. Fredericks examines their awe-inspiring longevity and evolutionary intelligence, drawing on expert interviews, scientific research, and a remarkable reverence for the environment.

Fredericks focuses on ten of the oldest trees in the United States, ranging from the 1,200-year-old Seven Sisters Oak, a Southern icon draped in Spanish moss that has survived several hurricanes, to the Palmer’s Oak in Southern California that has cloned itself for 13,000 years to stay alive. Other trees include bristlecone pines, regarded as some of the oldest trees in the world, the quaking aspen known as Pando with more than 45,000 identical branches, the Bennett Juniper that grows on land heavily glaciated by the last ice age, and sequoias, the world’s largest trees. Each tree profile opens with time travel stories that provide global historical context and explore the geography at the time when the tree took root.

In present day, Fredericks walks among many of the trees so that listeners may too. His immersive perspective captures the trees’ grandeur and sage presence while exploring the science behind their resilience.

A tree that’s lived more than 1,000 years is living archaeology—a tangible connection between the planet’s past and present that helps us better understand its future. Fredericks investigates these extended lifespans and their implications on ecology and humanity. In Search of the Old Ones marvels at thecomplexity of roots, the determination of growth, and the wisdom of forests.


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