I Shouldn’t Feel This Way By Alison Cook PhD

  • Narrated by: Alison Cook
  • Length: 5 hrs and 38 mins
  • Release date: 05-07-24

I Shouldn’t Feel This Way By Alison Cook PhD AudioBook summary

Read by the author.

You can find emotional freedom. Learn to see through the haze of conflicted feelings and move forward in your life with confidence. Licensed therapist and bestselling author Dr. Alison Cook guides you through a groundbreaking 3-step process to find the freedom you crave.

When you’re tangled up inside, it’s hard to find clarity. Yet so many of us guilt-trip or gaslight ourselves instead of working our way through complicated feelings….

  • I should be a good friend, even though I feel hurt by past betrayals.
  • I should be content, even though I feel lonely or unfulfilled.
  • I should just have faith, even though I feel discouraged by unanswered prayers.

This jumbled-up knot is a cry for gentle care and patient attention, but most of us haven’t been given the tools required to unravel it.

I Shouldn’t Feel This Way is your guide out of the chaos and into the calm and clarity you need to face life’s challenges. Drawing from over twenty years of research and clinical practice, Dr. Alison Cook guides you through a groundbreaking 3-step process that has helped tens of thousands of people find emotional freedom and surprisingly simple breakthroughs. Dr. Alison shows you how to:

  • identify guilt and know what to do with it,
  • trade feeling stuck in your head for clarity,
  • move from comfortable numbing to courageous conversations, and
  • make decisions that break cycles of defeat.

Change starts when you finally stop beating yourself up for the way that you feel. I Shouldn’t Feel This Way is your pathway to emotional freedom. It is time to finally work through your complicated feelings so you can start living with the clarity and confidence you crave.



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