Honorable Business By James R. Otteson

  • Narrated by: Brandon Pollock
  • Length: 10 hrs and 28 mins
  • Release date: 01-30-24

Honorable Business By James R. Otteson AudioBook summary

Business has a bad name for many people. It is easy to point to unethical and damaging behavior by companies. And it may seem straightforward to blame either individuals or, more generally, ruthless markets and amoral commercial society.

In Honorable Business, James R. Otteson argues that business activity can be valuable in itself. Done correctly, honorable business can enable flourishing for individuals and prosperity for society.

Otteson connects honorable business with the political, economic, and cultural institutions that contribute to a just and humane society. He builds on Aristotle’s conception of human beings as purposive creatures who are capable of constructing a plan for their lives that gives them a chance of achieving the highest good for humanity, focusing on autonomy and accountability, as well as good moral judgment. This good judgment can enable us to answer the why of what we do, not just the how. Otteson offers a pragmatic Code of Business Ethics, linked to a specific conception of professionalism, and defends this Code on the basis of a moral mandate to use one’s limited resources of time, talent, and treasure to provide value for oneself only by simultaneously providing value to others. The result is well-articulated parameters within which business can be an acceptable—perhaps even praiseworthy—activity.



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