History of Brazil By Captivating History

  • Narrated by: Jay Herbert
  • Length: 4 hrs and 3 mins
  • Release date: 03-21-23

History of Brazil By Captivating History AudioBook Summary

Did you know that Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world? Or that Brazil got its name from a tree?

Brazil has a rich and complicated history that few outside South America know about. It leads the world in some of the most profitable exports (gold, sugar, oil, and coffee), yet Brazil has one of the largest wealth disparities in the world, being known for crime and poverty. It is also an ethnically diverse country with a rich, distinct nationality and culture, yet the Brazilians seem to be at odds with each other. Would you be surprised to learn that its history has something to do with that?

Brazil has fertile soil perfect for agriculture, as well as gold and other profitable resources, yet at the beginning of colonization, no European nation wanted to colonize it. We will explore Brazil’s prehistory and why the colonists were so hesitant to settle there. Once they did though, Brazil’s history was forever changed.

While Brazil is one of the most recognized South American countries, its history is mostly unknown to the general public. This is partly because its landscape is incapable of preserving historical artifacts, and partly because its history tends to be overshadowed by other countries in the Western Hemisphere. This audiobook will bring Brazil’s history alive, giving you insight into its rich past, and a peek at what Brazil has been dealing with recently.

In this audiobook, you will learn about the following:

  • The origins of Brazil’s first people.
  • The diets, lifestyles, and beliefs of Brazil’s native population.
  • The Europeans’ disinterest in Brazil.
  • Portugal’s convoluted colonization of Brazil.
  • Brazil’s sugar and coffee industries.
  • The church and its conversion of the native population.



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