Healing Bowl Sounds for Spiritual Moments By Abhamani Ajash, Lhamo Sarepa

  • Narrated by: Jeremy Farrell
  • Length: 11 hrs and 27 mins
  • Release date: 08-25-23

Healing Bowl Sounds for Spiritual Moments By Abhamani Ajash, Lhamo Sarepa AudioBook summary

Today, singing bowls are commonly used in sound healing practices, meditation sessions, and yoga classes to help participants quiet their minds. In a typical sound-based practice, a teacher will strike the bowl with a mallet before moving the mallet in a circular motion around the bowl. This movement emits sounds and vibrations that can soothe the body. If there is a need for more proof of how singing bowls work, watch a video of water vibrating in a singing bowl. An incredible moment!

As water is an excellent conductor of vibrations, the gentle movements induced by singing bowls can stimulate cellular and tissue activity, promote relaxation, and restore energetic balance. These vibrations have the potential to create subtle movements within the water present in our cells, tissues, and fluids.

The vibrations generated by singing bowls may lead to various effects on the water within our bodies:

  • Cellular and Tissue Stimulation: The vibrations can create gentle movements within the water molecules present in our cells and tissues. This stimulation may promote circulation and enhance the flow of vital substances within our bodies, supporting overall cellular health and rejuvenation.
  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction: The soothing vibrations produced by singing bowls can have a calming effect on our nervous system. As stress and tension are known to affect our bodies on a physiological level, the vibrations can help induce relaxation, reduce stress, and restore a sense of balance.
  • Energetic Balancing: In various Eastern healing traditions, it is believed that different parts of our bodies possess distinct energy centres or meridians. The vibrations of singing bowls are thought to help balance and harmonise these energy centres, promoting a sense of well-being and vitality.
  • Resonance and Harmonic Frequencies: Each singing bowl produces a specific tone or frequency. It is believed that the harmonic frequencies generated by the bowls can resonate with different parts of our bodies, including the water within us. This resonance may have a balancing effect on our physical, emotional, and energetic states. While scientific research in this area is ongoing, the subjective experiences and anecdotal evidence suggest that the combination of water’s healing properties and the harmonising vibrations of singing bowls can have positive effects on our well-being. Many individuals report feeling a sense of deep relaxation, clarity, and balance after engaging in singing bowl practices.


High-quality singing bowls from Nepal in excellent audio quality. Abhamani Ajash & Lahm Sarepa have created 15 soothing soundscapes with a total running time of over 11+ hours.

The pulsating tones feel as if they gently stroke the body from the inside and penetrate each and every cell. Many people find this so enjoyable that they fall asleep while listening. Others experience lucid images, as the frequencies created correlate closely with REM sleep, an EEG-detectable brain wave curve that occurs in a state of deep relaxation and during hypnosis. It’s as if the gates are opened to other levels of consciousness and we are invited to enter. Are you ready to effortlessly free yourself from the anxieties of stress – anytime, anywhere? Then buy this audiobook today – and immerse yourself in a world of limitless relaxation.



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