Fancy a Cuppa? British Slang 101 By Jeff Watson

  • Narrated by: David Lane Pusey
  • Length: 2 hrs and 7 mins
  • Release date: 05-09-23

Fancy a Cuppa? British Slang 101 By Jeff Watson AudioBook Summary

This book is the ultimate guide to British slang. An all-encompassing hilarious dictionary of everything that’s quintessentially British. A deep-dive into the most up to date and current slang spoken by Brits today.

You’ll discover:

  • What it means to feel “under the weather”, “gutted”, “knackered”, and dozens of other wacky expressions we Brits use to express how we’re feeling.
  • The must-know lingo for when your “down the pub with yer mates”. For example, what does “your round” mean? And no, they are not commenting on your weight.
  • How to talk about the most British topics: weather and tea!
  • A whole chapter dedicated to all the hilarious misinterpretations that always occur between British and American English.
  • Toilet talk, anatomy, and sex. Now you’ll finally be able to mention the crown jewels in their proper context!
  • The most English swear words on the planet. Whether “the dog’s bollocks” really refers to the very best, or the very worst, and how to effortlessly use it in conversation.
  • All the British TV and film you must watch before attempting any British slang from this book.
  • A bonus chapter containing a collection of over 100 rhyming cockney slang expressions! Uncover this fascinating way of speaking that relies only on rhyme and nonsensical humour.
  • Another bonus chapter on the most unusual British insults on the planet.


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