Everything Fat Loss By Ben Carpenter

  • Narrated by: Ben Carpenter
  • Length: 11 hrs and 14 mins
  • Release date: 12-02-23

Everything Fat Loss By Ben Carpenter AudioBook summary

This is NOT your typical weight loss book.

Weight loss books have historically been rife with misinformation. A conveyor belt of diet books pretending to have the latest revolutionary weight loss “hacks”, trying to grab your attention with whatever weight loss diet is trending. What is the best diet for you? Is it keto, intermittent fasting, the 5:2 diet or one of the many rapid weight loss plans promising that you can all lose an astronomical amount of weight in a short space of time?

Do you know what doesn’t make sense? Telling everyone to follow the same weight loss diet, period. Diets are not one size fits all. We are all different, and a diet plan that your friend is successful with might be a diet plan that doesn’t work for you. We are all individuals with different biology, preferences, and circumstances.

Here are some cold, hard facts:

  • It is estimated that half of all adults are attempting to lose weight at least once per year.
  • Losing fat is the most sought-after goal in the fitness industry.
  • Despite the prevalence of diet attempts, global body weights have been trending upward for the last 50 years.
  • Most people who start a weight loss diet only get short-term results and are not successful at keeping that weight off in the long run.
  • Many of you feel confused by the huge amount of conflicting weight loss information and feel fed up with hopping from one diet to the next, constantly losing and regaining the same amount of weight.

Rather than pretending to have the universal solution for everyone, Everything Fat Loss comprehensively explains and summarizes what the research actually says about every major fat loss topic to help you formulate a plan that works for you.

No gimmicks. No overhyped marketing. No cookie-cutter diet plans. No false promises.

This is the ultimate scientific resource on fat loss, written to cut through the BS.

It is literally, everything you need to know about fat loss, compiled into one handy resource.



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