Derren Brown’s Boot Camp for Emotion By Derren Brown

  • Narrated by: Derren Brown
  • Length: 4 hrs and 58 mins
  • Release date: 10-05-23

Derren Brown’s Boot Camp for Emotion By Derren Brown AudioBook summary

Our emotions play a powerful role in everything we think, everything we say and everything we do. In this series of Boot Camp, Derren Brown is joined by top behavioural scientists and diverse experts to reveal how we can control these powerful and mysterious forces which often hijack our rational thinking and lead us seriously astray. By increasing our emotional intelligence we can improve our lives in every conceivable way.

Episode 1: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

What are emotions, what they are for and why do they cause us so much trouble? To start answering these questions, Derren focuses on one of our most basic emotions – fear.

Episode 2: The Green Eyed Monster

Derren explores how the roots of our emotional problems are to be found in our childhood and he confronts the twin green-eyed monsters – jealousy and envy.

Episode 3: Shame on You

Derren reveals how the often crippling effects of embarrassment, shame and guilt can be held in check.

Episode 4: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Derren dives headlong into love, exploring its powerful role in our lives, along with its brasher companion, lust.

Episode 5: The Joys of Boredom

Derren takes a brief break from being witty and entertaining, to explore the turgid depths of boredom.

Episode 6: Such Sweet Sorrow

Derren wallows in sadness, to reveal how this seemingly negative emotion can be a powerfully positive force in our lives.

Episode 7: What Anger Can Do For Us

Derren looks at the things which trigger our anger and at how we can apply the safety-catch.

Episode 8: An Emotional Education

Derren’s exploration of human feelings reaches an emotional conclusion.


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