Ancient Persia By Enthralling History

  • Narrated by: Jay Herbert
  • Length: 5 hrs and 37 mins
  • Release date: 03-03-23

Ancient Persia By Enthralling History AudioBook Summary

With unimaginable wealth, palace intrigues, birthday parties featuring fine wine and endless desserts, lavish architecture and gardens, an underground water system, and a 1,500-mile Royal Road, the ancient Persian Empire captures the imagination.

Under Cyrus the Great, ancient Persia exploded into the world’s first mega-empire, spanning three continents and over 40 percent of the global population at its zenith. The Achaemenid Empire stretched from India to Greece and from Russia’s southern border to Egypt and the Sahara. It left an indelible mark on the history of Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Step back in time to examine how the Persians impacted world history. How did they create a multi-ethnic empire that was ahead of its time in respecting all ethnicities and religions? With a captivating narrative that draws the listener in, this meticulously researched audiobook will usher you through ancient Persia’s mesmerizing and magical history.

Unpack these fascinating questions:

  • Where were the origins of the Persians? How did they live in ancient times?
  • What engineering feat helped the Medes and Persians conquer Babylon without a battle?
  • How did Cyrus the Great overpower the entire Middle East?
  • Did Xerxes really lead a million-man army into Greece?
  • What queen served as a commander in the Persian navy?
  • Why did a eunuch poison two kings and most of the royal males?
  • How did Alexander the Great conquer the entire empire in lightning speed?

And much, much more!


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