An End to Upside Down Medicine By Mark Gobe

  • Narrated by: Mark Gober
  • Length: 7 hrs and 7 mins
  • Release date: 11-28-23

An End to Upside Down Medicine By Mark Gobe AudioBook summary

In An End to Upside Down Medicine, Mark Gober dives into fundamental beliefs about health and disease. These beliefs are so fundamental, in fact, that most of us probably haven’t thought to question them. For example, do bacteria cause disease, or are they part of the body’s cleanup crew that appears at the scene of an underlying toxicity or injury? Do researchers follow the scientific method when they claim to isolate viruses and show that they cause disease in their hosts? How are studies conducted that allegedly demonstrate the transmission of germs from sick people to healthy people? How do long-term health outcomes differ between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations?

In addition to exploring these essential questions, Gober goes a layer deeper by examining the nature of consciousness. He argues that we can’t fully understand health and disease without first understanding who and what we are—and he contends that modern medicine totally misses the mark.

The unfortunate reality is that we live in a chronically sick society. And, as COVID-19 has demonstrated, illness can be weaponized to control the population and take away rights. If we want to be free, both individually and collectively, we need to get medicine right. This book couldn’t have come at a more important time.


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