A call for help (a message from site editor)

6/1/2023 Update
Dear audiobooksbee (formerly “xaudiobooks”) family, first of all, I wanna thank you for staying with us through the years, It’s me el daly (this site’s manager/editor), the only one who has been uploading all the audiobooks on the site through the past years,

Sadly writing again as of June 1st, 2023, I happen to be suffering from depressing health conditions (Lyme disease mainly) which gradually led to not being able to get a job outside anymore (I used to be a waiter and a driver when I could),

I’m writing this post to ask all the kind hearts reading this for help, On top of my ruined health I have been in debt for a year now, and I haven’t really been able to pay it back and it’s one of the reasons why I’m stressed and depressed almost all the time,

I have been relying on the site’s income to survive but it has decreased a lot lately as the whole world is going through major changes and struggles,

I could have put advertisements on the site to earn a little more but I care more about the users’ experience as you guys have noticed, the site never had ads and is kept simple and clean,

I have been hesitating to make this post but honestly, I’m out of options, I don’t have properties to sell to save the situation or more friends to borrow from and the family has their own struggle,

So I’m putting faith in god and you guys reading this that you will help save me. it is so depressing, I’m only 28 but Lyme has been affecting my bones and cognitive functions badly over time, it’s kind of like cancer, I usually feel better or stable when I take vitamin/mineral supplements but I haven’t even been able to afford them or quality food lately.

In the end, I promise that as long as I’m still alive, I’m dedicating my time and energy to keep this site on top and up to date, I owe you guys that.
Please consider donating even a small amount to help me overcome this situation. God bless you all.
I’m going to add a donation form/button below that has different options to donate (PayPal/GooglePay/Card).

You can directly contact me at: [email protected]

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